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Open your own barber shop

How to open a barber shop in 30 days! The hidden truth about negotiating a lease

This barber shop was started with $2,500.00 and a few credit cards and now it brings me almost $10,000.00 per month. If you are tired of working in a shop you don’t want to be in or your a shop owner ready to take it to the next level, check out my story it can your life!

#1 Thing you don't want to do opening your business

If you are in the hair styling industry, one of the most frustrating aspects to being an independent contractor or employee is that your level of clientele may hinge on the professionalism of your barber shop owner. If you believe you can do a better job managing a barber shop and reel in more clients, perhaps it’s time you put your theory to the test. Managing a shop requires dedication, time and energy, in addition to excellent people skills and a good business sense. Observe your employers before you jump in, detailing how you will improve your barber shop.

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