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Open your own barber shop with little money

How to open a barber shop in 30 days!

This barber shop was started with $2,500.00 and a few credit cards and now it brings me almost $10,000.00 per month. If you are tired of working in a shop you don’t want to be in or your a shop owner ready to take it to the next level, check out my story it can your life!

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When I set out to open my own barber shop I knew that the road whould be hard and long.

In less than ten years of owning my own shop I have learned a lot information to open your own barber shop with little or no money down!about the business and I have been infront of a lot of barbers. m

I have had almost 70 barbers and hair stylist work in my shop. Being able to retain quality staff is key to your shop's success!

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The real key to my  success is no secret! It is my ability to bring an Offline Business like Bladez Barber  Shop to an Online Business like Richardson Digital Marketing llc and create a  "Mega" online and " Massive" social engagement.

The results... A barber shop with 15 stations bringing in around 2,000.00 per week because of my "Extensive reach " from my web presence. I have 9 key word or key phrased websites as well as 3 facebook pages that get a ton of traffic!

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I made a ton of mistakes when I first started in the barbering industry. Now Bladez Barber and Beauty is one of the best barber shops in Fort Worth, Tx doing numbers that most barber shops just dream of.

I'm not bragging, I'm only encouraging the young barbers out there that are really on the fence about opening there own barber shop. You don't have to work behind a chair forever. If you can see yourself as an owner go for it!

Check out my website OwnMyOwnBarberShop.com

My site is a complete guide of the do's and don'ts I made in the barbering industry as a whole. I share valuable information about starting your own barber shop and how important your Web Presence is for your marketing.

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